IN PRODUCTION: Manifesting Monica Jones
After being arrested for charges that are in violation of UN human rights standards, Monica Jones challenges the constitutionality of the Arizona laws limiting her freedom of expression and sexuality. This is a decision that unhinges her world and propels her to redefine her personhood and place in society. Find out more about the production of the documentary at the film's website. Click on the Donate Button below to make a tax-deductible donation. Thank you!

PJ creates feature films that portray the experiences of people in the sex trade and related communities. Some projects involve skills sharing and working with diverse communities.
NO HUMAN INVOLVED (2016) is directed and produced by PJ Starr, edited by M.Trevino and PJ Starr, with Contributing Producer M.Trevino. Music for the documentary has been composed by Maxim Moston and audio post-production is by David Wilson. No Human Involved has screened at festivals across the United States and the UK, and was featured at the Documentaries for Thinkers series in Canada in 2018. It was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the Queens World Film Festival in 2017.
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